Musketeer Special Needs

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This is our entry level award winning Tricycle. This Trike can be adjusted to grow with your child by raising the seat post & handlebar to suit. The minimum distance from the saddle to pedal is 15 1/2” to a maximum of 18”. This can be made higher by inserting a longer seat post.
Powder coated paint finish to take those odd knocks. All of our Trikes are built to last. This model features ball bearing hubs, headset, bottom bracket and sealed bearing rear axle & inflatable tyres for a comftable smooth ride.

The Musketeer comes with a freewheel as standard allowing your child to be able to coast without the pedals going around if you wish to use the optional parent handle. It is possible too change to a fixed wheel so that when the Trike goes forward or backward the pedals will go around with the Trike. Can be useful for children with lack of power in their legs as the forward motion helps keep their feet going around.

Also features a wide wheelbase of 22” for safety and good balance. A child friendly brake lever for small hands. Tough durable steel full mudguards. Front & rear basket & bell.

Overall length 42”(106cm). Width 23”(59cm). Height 31”(79cm) can be reduced to 26”(66cm) by lowering handlebars.

Musketeer 'Rear Steer'
This version of the Musketeer has had rear steer parental
control added, allowing the direction of the trike to be
controlled by the parent / carer, this facility is also fitted with
a brake to control speed. Also has the comfort handlebar
fitted to make reach and hold easier.
Fitted with saddle backrest and side supports,
self levelling pedals and toe clips
Suited to Children from 3 years to approx. 6 years of age.